Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Travel Blogging and a severe lack of bare necessities

This being my first post and in lieu of any followers, as yet.  I am going to blog about something that may perhaps border on the trivial, but I think with enough examination is one of the great overlooked simple truths of our time among modern travellers.  

I want to draw your attention to something initially quite simple, namely the comfort of your own feet.  Travel offers the adventurous many heady releases, and at times lows that short of grief, we would not usually experience in our everyday lives.  Many things can happen while we are on the move, and at times when world is less than welcoming to us, it is a matter of great importance to carry the simple luxuries that can turn around the day which has gone bad, or even a day which has lasted for the last three.  

There is one very simple thing we can carry to make it easier on ourselves, namely, a good pair of socks.  I'm not talking about socks for everyday use.  These are your regal socks that the instant they are on your feet take you to the heady heights that Mia Wallace in a hundred years of foot massages could never hope to experience.  Too often it is the case that people want to free their feet from the cramped sweaty purgatory of the days sojourn.  But I recommend, once cleaned, aired and dried, slip your feet into the comfort of your favourite pair of socks.  

This has been my first post, hopefully it has held a degree of resonance. Take care of yourself where ever you are and remember look after your feet and they will look after you.  

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