Friday, 28 October 2011

Back to the Blogging & Eco Tourism Conferences (that I can't go to)

Well, a little time has elapsed between since my last blog posting.  So, I have resolved to sort it out and make sure I post one blog a week at 2pm every Thursday (UK Time), well there maybe with the odd exception, but best efforrt.  For a commitment resistant male this is a big step, and now I have committed to it.  Obviously there's the fear to be gotten over, but.  Deep breath, yep that's it, it's gone.  Who knows, if I get really into it I may even post more than once a week!  But for now I'll just try and keep up with the once a week.  

So, this week. Well the website is starting to shape up, we're pretty much getting there, but like writing, you're never completely finished there's always something to improve.  Something that has been nudged out of alignment by something else.  It seems to be much like DIY, it takes far longer than you first imagined and is never quite finished, which seems to be the same as one's life plans you spend ages working on working towards them and there's always that bit left to do.  The main thing I've been wrestling with, are the definitions (which by the way, I am still in the grip of) for the various elements of sustainability and ethical practices of eco lodges and eco hotels.  There are so many, it's a test to find the right balance between a broad and open definition, but at the same time without sounding too vague and lacking any real weight.  When they are done I'll post links to them and welcome comments, I suspect further refinement will follow.  

Over the past week I've been made aware of various different conferences that are coming up around the world, whose purpose is to promote and develop ecotourism which is great!  This awareness has been tempered by the knowledge that unfortunately due to their various different locations I can't attend them.  Two which I definately can't make is Kenya's 4th Annual EcoTourism Conference and there's also The 2011 Global Eco Conference which is primarily focused on eco-tourism but for some reason it looks like the words eco-tourism, ethical travel, sustainable travel haven't been included in the title, which seems to be a slight oversight.  But they seem to have a wealth of really good Keynote Speakers so to anyone from Oz near Sydney or visiting, I'd do my best to get there if I were you, between the 7th and the10th November, if I were you.  

Anyway it's Friday evening, and so without further delay goodbye, until next week and my next posting.  Thanks for reading.  

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